ItsOkay Bangladesh

ItsOkay Bangladesh is a digital platform which dreams to build bridges between the youth who are struggling with mental health issues and the resources they need to heal by allowing them to share stories, create community, and connect with experts. We believe that ItsOkay Bangladesh will be a change making platform about the Bangladeshi society’s ignorance about Mental Health and its wellness.

The idea of this project was developed in Digital khichuri Challenge, a competition, co-sponsored by Facebook and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), with support from ICT Division, Google and organized by Affinis Labs. The event came up as a platform to help country’s youngsters to showcase their creativity and innovation through creative storytelling with ability to bring the rich traditions of peaceful coexistence under the spotlight.

Team ItsOkay Bangladesh

  • Abdullah Hasan Safir

  • Co-founder & Creative Director

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  • Kamela Chowdhury

  • Co-founder & Technical Director

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  • Mohammad Abdul Majid

  • Co-founder & Marketing & Strategy Director

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  • Wakila Hussain Moumi

  • Co-founder & Public Relations Director

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