• Samira sabbir posted an update Nov 18, 2017 8:13 am

    @lekhok I am super depressed say the crush of my ex and also he is dating some girl.I cannot concentrate on my studies.I need help to concentrate on studies and accomplish my dream of reading abroad

    • hey samira! I had the same situation and thank God, ItsOkay is here which is where I needed someone during that time. I cried, hampered my studies, locked myself, behaved rudely with anyone who came near me and felt pitty on myself however after 6 months when I got kicked of school, I realized what a stupid person I was since she moved her ways and I was lost. So, the reality hit me hard and I started working and making my future. Guess what, after 1 year, I got readmitted, have girlfriend and a successful entrepreneur and doing well. I don’t give a shit even if I see her in campus because only I decide my future. You will shine too!